20L sprinkler drone for orchard(JT20L-606)


Model JT20L-606
Pesticide Tank 20L
Net Weight 18.5kg
Take-off Weight 47kg
Max Take-off Capacity 60kg
Flying Time 10~15min
Flying Radius 0~1000m
Flying Height 0~30m
Flying Speed 0~12m/s
Work Temperature -10~70°C
Work Humidity 0~90%
Spray Speed 0~8m/s
Spray Width/Nozzle No. >6~8m / 4 Centrifugal Nozzles
Spray Flow 2.5~3L/min
Spray Efficiency 9~11Ha/Hr
Flying Downward Airflow 4~15m/s
Wind Resistance 10m/s
Machine Size Spread Size W1.95m x L1.95m x H0.5m
Folded Size W0.7m x L0.7m x H0.8m
Power System Motor Brushless
Propeller Carbon Fiber
ESC Rapid Throttle Response
Flight Control Joyance V8.3++ FC
Remote Controller Joyance Datalink T12 RC
Battery / Quantity 6S 23000mAh / 2pcs
Adapter + Charger 8-Channel Charger 1200W
Packing Case Aluminum Case
Toolkit Maintenance/Repair Tools


Intelligent Spraying Terrain Following Radar
Obstacle Avoidance Radar
Autonomous Spraying Waypoint Marking Device
Continuous Spraying Extra Batteries
Extra Charger
Multifunction Granule Spreader

Detail Pictures:

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